Reconnecting With a Friend

by | Mar 30, 2010 | friends, God's blessings

This past week I had the incredible privilege of reconnecting with a friend whom I haven’t seen to spoken with for probably close to 20 years.  We graduated from high school together, and were good friends since 5th grade.  I’m not sure what happened to disconnect us from each other, but for some reason, she and I didn’t stay in touch.  We went our separate ways and lived our own lives….until recently.  What a blessing it has been for me to reconnect with her!

Sitting at my dining room table on Monday, it was as if we never lost contact.  It seemed like we picked up right where we left off!  We caught up with each others’ lives, encouraged each other in where we are at right now, and shared some great memories.  I’ve missed this friend, but didn’t realize how much until our time together.

We still have so much in common after all these years apart!  I truly believe God brought us back together at this time in our lives when we need each other the most.  I don’t consider it an accident, and I don’t consider it a coincidence.  I think we each have things that we are going through that God wants to ease our burden of with each other.  I can’t help but thank God for bringing her back into my life!

When I talked to her today, she mentioned she has found a photo album that has lots of pictures of her and I together when we were probably around 11 years old.  I can’t wait to see these pictures!  What great memories they will bring back of us spending much childhood together.  As I think about walking through the next days, weeks, months and years with her back in my life, I look forward to creating many more memories of us together!

God has blessed me again.  His timing is perfect.  I’m thankful and grateful!

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