Recalling Our Week

by | May 15, 2010 | family, God's blessings

As I sit here in my office this morning, still in my pajamas and enjoying my coffee, I’m recalling our week in my mind.  I am so thankful for so many things!  I’m thanking God today for my family, and for how He continues to bless us.
  • We registered Zach for soccer camp in July. He’s so excited!
  • I had a Mission of Hope Board Meeting on Monday night. God is blessing this ministry! 
  • Zach had fun at camp Wednesday through Friday, despite the rain Wednesday and Thursday.  He will have those fond memories of camp the rest of his life! 
  • Ali had her last golf meet for the season on Wednesday and shot her best this year!
  • We finished our last BSF lesson on Wednesday. Have our sharing week this week…am so looking forward to that!  I’m so thankful for what God has taught me all these years in BSF…13 years of learning God’s Word!
  • I was blessed to have some precious time with Ali Wednesday evening.  We went out to dinner and did some shopping together.  She is such an amazing girl.  We had so much fun!
  • Bill and I led our last Thursday night Bible study at Mission of Hope this week for awhile.  What a blessing it has been to study God’s word with others there!
  • We are in the planning stages of our summer vacation, and even though we can’t decide on where we are going, we know when we’re going and who we are going with!
  • Bill trained for his new job yesterday.
  • I was able to be at Mission of Hope three days this week.
  • I was able to work my business in and around my schedule. 
  • My brother Pat and his family came over last night for dinner and to just spend time together.  It was wonderful.  Ali had three friends over for a bonfire in our backyard…the first bonfire of the season! 
  • And today, I’m planning on organizing today…organizing areas of our home, and organizing our lives a little better.  I’m looking forward to blessing my family today in lots of ways.  I might even sneak a small nap in since I’m running low in the sleep department lately! 🙂 
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