RAGBRAI Day 6 – Recap Day 5

by | Jul 25, 2014 | This Lefe Family

5:30am… We’ve been awake since 3:15 after the first few raindrops hit our tent. Bill comes prepared with gear needed for such instances, however.

The storm is rolling through as I write this. We, and our things, have stayed dry so far. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for their use of their tent!

7am… There was a lull in the storm, so we kicked it in gear and broke camp. I couldn’t do that and write at the same time. šŸ™‚

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. We climbed more hills, which nearly did us in. But we conquered each one together.


Found some of our friends along the way. It was fun to ride with Doug and John for a few miles.


We celebrated last night in Waverly with a great dinner and concert. Bed felt great until 3:15! (I’ll need a nap later.)


I need to find my coffee quickly! We’re taking off soon since it’s not currently raining. I’ll be wearing my bright yellow rain poncho until the rain moves out of the area. This might just be a first for me… biking in the rain!

Praying for no storms on our path today!

I’ll share more later!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Sabra Penley

    Lord, please watch over my friends today. Keep them safe. Give them strength. Fill them with joy and gladness.

    • Julie

      After reading your words Friday morning, I began praying the same things. We needed your prayers on Friday. It was the toughest day for us emotionally. Thank you so much, Sabra!

  2. Mary Geisen

    I’ve been following your story and I’m especially interested because I know several others who are also doing this ride. Praying for all today and everyday, blessings!

    • Julie

      Thank you, Mary, for your prayers. They were much needed on Friday! How did the others you knew do on the ride? Blessings to you!


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