RAGBRAI Day 4 – Recap Day 3

by | Jul 23, 2014 | This Lefe Family

Gosh, I’ll be honest with you. Yesterday was tough.

Thankfully we avoided the rain!

After my post I wrote while waiting for ice cream, about a mile back on the road, I wasn’t sure we’d make it the rest of the way.


But a few friends and family members sent me encouraging texts and facebook messages right about then. Just when we needed them.

Seriously, I wanted to cry. But those words seem to give us shot of adrenaline as I read them aloud to Bill. Thank you, loved ones!


The last 8 miles were the worst. Head winds as we headed north. I turned on our music, and Bon Jovi helped take our focus off the pain. (You can pray as you’re listening to Bon Jovi. We proved that!)

I thought of my mom much of yesterday’s ride. I have no idea why. But in the morning I had the thought, “I have to tell mom about our breakfast with the cows.”

I find  it amazing how I still have those thoughts every now and then. She’s been gone 7-1/2 years.

But she would have asked me,”What have you had good to eat?” So I’ll share that with you…
-chicken salad sandwich
-big dill pickle
-frozen snickers
-ice cream
-chicken ceasar wrap


We were exhausted last night but ventured downtown for the festivities. Slept well, even though we woke to 59 degrees in our tent this morning.

Beautiful day today with only 39 miles. Whoo hoo! In Mason City tonight.

Port-a-potty lines are long. Long enough to write a blog post!

Have a great day, friends! Will check in again later!

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  1. patti seda

    What great acomplishments and how wonderful you are finding ways to drive through the pain and the challenges. Keep up the great work, Julie, and enjoy this beautiful day!!


    • Julie

      Thank you, Patti! We enjoyed so much… the days seemed to run together. Such beautiful weather for most of it. Thanks a bunch for your encouraging words. We really needed them!

  2. Jennifer Stallman

    Totally love that you are listening to Bon Jovi!! Whoo hoo!!!

    • Julie

      I thought you would appreciate that, Jennifer! I thought of you!

  3. R. Rodgers

    I am enjoying your adventure! Thanks for sharing. What a huge and satisfying accomplishment.

    • Julie

      Thank you! It has been a huge accomplishment for me and for us together on a tandem! Thanks for allowing me to share our journey with you!


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