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by | May 17, 2009 | family, schedule, spring

It was another full week in our home this week! I now remember how I felt last May…and I thought we were on the go then! 🙂 Besides running the kids to and from school each day, and golf practice and soccer practice almost every day, here’s the highlights of our week!

We have seven new additions to our family…yes, seven baby kitties! Mama had her babies!

It was a nice Mother’s Day last Sunday. Church was wonderful! Pastor Barb preached for the first time since her surgery! Yea! We joined Pat and Stacie and kids for dinner at Red Robin. Here’s a hilarious picture of the boys watching t.v. before dinner!

Tina and I had a great lunch on Monday. I ran errands afterwards and had my weekly Monday Night Event that night.

I was at Mission of Hope Tuesday and held an appointment for work after school. Cheered on Danny Gokey on American Idol!

Wednesday I had my last Bible Study Fellowship class for the year. Reagan and I went out to lunch afterwards to Subway. I enjoyed her company so much…it’s amazing what you can learn from a four year old! We were saddened that this was Danny’s last night on American Idol…he was certainly our favorite!

Thursday was my much-needed office day! I got so much done! Zach had a 6th Grade Choir Concert that evening.

I did some business Friday morning. Bill and I met for an early lunch on (he had the day off), and I started some birthday shopping for our soon-to-be 15 year old in the afternoon! Bill, Zach and I went to one of our favorite restaurants Friday evening, as Ali decided to stay home and organize her room! (We ate out more than normal on Friday!)

Yesterday was our work at home day. I got so many things done and organized…felt great! Was too windy to work in my flower beds…need to get to them this week! Tina’s girls, Grace and Olivia, came over last evening while Tina and Mike went to a surprise birthday party. Those girls are so fun!

And here we are…it’s Sunday again! We’ll be headed to church soon, then Zach has two soccer games this afternoon. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day…am looking forward to enjoying the outdoors!

Happy Sunday! (Can you believe next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend?) 🙂


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