Mother’s Day 2011

by | May 9, 2011 | family, spring

What a beautiful Mother’s Day it was today!

As I sit here with my family in our living room, I found myself reliving my day in my mind, and being very thankful for how many ways God has blessed me today!

Mother’s Day has been a bitter-sweet day for me since Mom passed away four years ago.  I used to try to make Mother’s Day very special for Mom, as she was the single-most important influence in my life.  I loved her so much, and we had such a special relationship.  Mother’s Day hasn’t been the same since she died. 

But today, as thoughts of Mom and memories of our times together flooded my mind, I considered myself blessed…that I would even have such beautiful memories and thoughts of her.  Some people don’t of their mother.  I was reminded of that in church today.

As I welcomed everyone at our Worship Service at Mission of Hope today, I looked out at who was in attendance.  I saw my friends’ faces who grew up without a good relationship with their mom.  I saw friends’ faces who have lost their children…to death or have had their children taken away.  I saw friends’ faces who also struggle with the loss of someone on Mother’s Day.  I also saw women who were happy to celebrate Mother’s Day, as they haven’t had the loss and pain as others have.  It was a humbling experience for me. 

It was a wonderful Worship Service!  Tina gave the message…and she did such a great job.  It was an uplifting and encouraging message.  The music was beautiful.  The roses and chocolate that each woman received today at the end of the service was such a nice touch!

Since Bill worked last night, he was home sleeping this morning.  So, it was just Ali, Zach and I at church.  We stopped over at the Subway a few doors down and picked up lunch to be eaten on the way to Zach’s 1pm soccer game.  A great Mother’s Day lunch! 🙂 

Zach played well today…again.  I really enjoy watching him!  He had a great assist, and was all over the field today.  My brother Pat and his family came to cheer him on also.  We then went to my Pat’s son, and my Godson, Bennett’s flag football game at 3pm.  It was fun to watch him play different positions…he even threw a touchdown pass!

We had dinner following at Carlos O’Kelly’s and Bill met up with us.  I ate too much, but boy it was good!  Bennett gave me a pot full of beautiful petunias and a sweet card. 🙂

On our way home we stopped to see my mother-in-law to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  It was nice to spend time with her and my father-in-law.  When we arrived home, I walked into a very clean and organized home!  Bill took some time this afternoon to tidy-up our home a little!  What a lift that was!  Ali and Zach gave me their cards and gifts, and we relaxed the rest of the night. 🙂

And last night, when I adjusted my pillow before climbing into bed, I found tucked underneath a beautiful card from Bill, a Starbucks gift certificate and some chocolates.  Bill knows how to make me feel special.  My whole family does!

It was a wonderful, memorable and blessed day!  God certainly showed me love today through others in my life!  Thank you, Lord!


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