Love Note To My Lefes – August 2015

by | Aug 31, 2015 | This Lefe Family

My monthly love note to my family. August edition…

August 2015 Collage

To my favorite three… Bill, Alissa & Zach,

I blinked, and just as quickly as August began, it’s ending. But not first without making some great memories with you in these 31 days. Goodness, we’ve had a great summer, haven’t we??

I enjoy looking back of the month’s photos we’ve taken. (Thank you for continuing to put up with snapping so many when we’re together. These are priceless to me, and someday, they’ll probably be priceless to you.) I love capturing memories through my camera lens! (You already know that though.)


August was a great month.

Bill, can you believe we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary?? Years ago never did I dream we’d be spending it biking and camping! But we sure have lots of fun together seeing the world on the tandem. (Okay, maybe not the world, but we sure have enjoyed many sights and experiences on that two-seater!) It’s been a great joy riding with you all these years. I look forward to 23 more years (and hopefully more!) together. Thank you for how you continually love me, support me, and be my “love of a lifetime.”

Alissa, you really settled into your job this month, and it does my heart good to hear how much you are enjoying it. You have a great future ahead of you! Keep up the great work! Continue to put God first in your life. You’ll never go wrong in doing so. He’ll guide you, equip you, and protect you. (Especially since your mom isn’t there all the time to do those things anymore.) You’re in better hands in His than in mine, anyway. You make me proud, beautiful girl!

Zach, you began your college journey this month. How exciting! I’m proud of you for being wise in your decision making, and for taking the steps forward for your future. Continue putting forth 100% effort… it’ll pay off for you! Make God your #1 priority every day. I know you already know this, but He’s got big plans ahead for you. He’ll let you know them piece by piece. I’m proud of you, Mister! And I’m glad I have a ring-side seat to cheer you on.

Friday nights were a highlight of my week, as we had a ball together at the races. I realize you, Alissa and Zach, could have been doing all sorts of other things on Friday nights, but you chose to spend the majority of them at the track with Dad and I. Sure, you came to cheer Gibson Racing on, but little did you know, you were also cheering my heart on.

Attending church together, enjoying dinner together, no matter what we do to spend time together… it blesses me so. Thank you for continuing to make our family a priority!

I love you three so very much. I say these words to you often, I know, but I mean them each time I tell you. I love being your wife and mom. It’s the best job in the world, and I’m the only one who gets to have it!! Thank you for making my life so meaningful and special! I pray God continues to protect us and provide for each of us in every way in September and in the months ahead!

I love you!!


Julie & Mom


(Thanks Renae Gibson for the photo of Bill and I at the races!!)

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