Lesson Learned – Being "Right"

by | Apr 17, 2012 | Love Others, personal journey

It's Not Important To Be Right All The TimeA Lesson I’ve Learned…

Not so long ago I was in a conversation with someone who insisted I was wrong about something. I knew what I was saying was true, because I experienced what I was sharing. But the person I was talking to went to great lengths to try to prove me wrong. This person even contacted someone else to try to get an answer to show me I was wrong. He/she just couldn’t drop it. So I did.

This happened recently again with this person, only on a different subject. He/she wanted to do everything he/she could to prove I was wrong. Really?

Needless to say, I was hurt and I couldn’t understand at the moment why this person had to make me feel so terrible to be “right” in these situations. I dropped the subject again.

Then I had to take a personal inventory…

Do I treat anyone else this way?

Is there anyone that I try to prove wrong because I want to be right?

I might do this with Bill at times… which is wrong. I know how it feels to be on the other end of that… I don’t want to make anyone else feel the way I’ve felt… especially my husband.

I’ve asked God to show me when I’m doing such a thing, and to make me aware of it. I also have asked God to show me if I’ve done that to anyone recently so I can make amends with that person by apologizing. I’ve also prayed for God to help me forgive the person who hurt my feelings in this way. I don’t want to hold on to any bitterness or hurt. I’ve avoided conversations with this person that could lead us down the same path. And I’m praying for this person as well.

It’s not important to be right all the time.

That’s something I’m going to continue to work on with God’s help!


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