It’s Beginning to Happen

by | Jan 5, 2013 | Bill, family, love

As Bill and I ended our day last night, we were talking about our evening together. We had a relaxing evening at home. Our “dinner” consisted of cheese, crackers and olives. (Mom would be appauled!) 🙂 It was one of those evenings that blessed me…quality time with Bill.

I made the comment in our end-of-the-day conversation that “it’s beginning to happen”…more and more nights where it’s just Bill and I together as the kids are busy in their own social schedules. Bill asked me if I was “ready for that?” The thought of the kids being at home much less and even leaving the nest used to horrify me. I just couldn’t imagine evenings without them home as much.

But what I said next, I am finding to be very true. I replied to his question with, “God is preparing us for it. It’s going to be just you and me before we know it, and evenings like tonight show us it’s going to be good.” And it is good. 🙂

For over 18 years so far, we have wrapped our lives around Ali and Zach. And that’s been wonderful. We involve ourselves with their lives, their activities, and their hopes and dreams. I’ve loved the memories we’ve all made together! As Ali is still living at home and going to college, that’s been a transition for all of us…but a good one. She’s talking about the possibility of moving out next year. That’ll be fine too…when we get there. Zach has a few more years of high school left, and will be getting his driver’s license in the spring. His schedule will get busier, and he will be doing more things with his buddies as that time comes.

I believe God is showing both Bill and I that our approaching “empty nest” will be a time of another transition, but it’ll be a good thing. He’ll have us prepared before we get there. We started as just “him and I” and we’ll be returning back to that. But with even greater blessings, joys, memories and love for each other. I’m certainly not saying I’m ready for the kids to leave, because I’M NOT! But when that time comes, I firmly believe we’ll be ready.

I’ve always loved my husband, but I see God strengthening and deepening my love for him in ways I never expected. I fell asleep so thankful last night…and woke up this morning the same way.

These life transitions aren’t always fun, but necessary. Instead of fearing them, I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do through them!

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