"I love Mondays!"

by | Mar 9, 2010 | family, just for fun

As a follow up to my post yesterday, at the dinner table last night, I was sharing with my family how irritated I became yesterday after reading and hearing all the negativity about Mondays, especially on Facebook.  All three, Bill, Ali and Zach, seemed to agree with me. 

Bill said something like, “If all people worked my schedule, then Mondays wouldn’t seem so bad.”  He’s right.

Zach said, “If people worked seven days a week, Mondays would be just another day.”  Yep.

But what Ali said cracked me up and made me smile because of her attitude!  She said, “I love Mondays!”  I said, “You do?”  She continued, “Yes, because I know another weekend is coming!”  🙂

The life and fun attitude of a teenager! 🙂  “I love Mondays!”

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