Highlights of Homecoming

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1.  a return to one’s home; arrival at home.

2.  an annual event held by a college, university, or high school for visiting alumni.

It was a weekend of homecomings.

The second definition describes my son’s senior high school homecoming… Friday night’s football game (we won!) and Saturday’s dance.

I’m not sure how many alumni attended, but I understand it was an enjoyable time for my son and his schoolmates. It’s hard for me to believe it’s his last one in high school!

I’ll let the following photos speak for themselves. (Keep scrolling through the pics. There’s something you won’t want to miss at the end…)

Homecoming game 01 editedMy son and his girlfriend in the center of the picture and the student cheering section.


Homecoming Zach 01

 He cleans up pretty well!


Homecoming Zach Kenzie 02

Aren’t they the cutest couple ever??!!


Homecoming family 04 edited

I am one blessed woman!


Homecoming group 03 edited

A great-looking group!


Homecoming Zach and guys 03 edited

The senior buddies


Homecoming Zach Alissa

My wonderful children! Love these two!!


Homecoming group 06 edited

A delicious potluck dinner!


On our way home Saturday evening, I saw the greatest news come across my Facebook news feed. My online friend, Beth, was given a beautiful gift Saturday. The most special homecoming, and this fits the first definition above. Her husband, Scott, who was deployed overseas arrived home, and they were reunited. With her permission, I’m sharing the video of this special homecoming! Enjoy!

Doesn’t that just warm your heart?! Honestly, this completed my weekend!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful homecomings with me.



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  1. Kim

    Oh my. Tears, tears, tears. Just beautiful. I am so happy for Beth, Scott and their family and I do no even know them.

    And we had homecoming this weekend also. But we lost the football game. My son still had a wonderful time with friends though.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Yes, isn’t that video precious??? The cool thing is, I’ve never met Beth in person… just through our blogs. I love how we can become good friends through the blog world! Homecoming is so fun. Glad your son had a wonderful time too! Thanks for sharing!


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