Here We Go!

by | Oct 1, 2014 | 31 Days Loving God Loving Others

Here we go!

31 Days Loving God Loving OthersToday’s the day we embark on our 31-day journey.

Loving God and Loving Others.

I can’t promise it’s going to be a perfect journey. Most journeys aren’t.

It may not even be pretty. It could get a little messy before arriving at the end. But none of that matters, does it?!

We’ll be walking this road together. Traveling buddies of sorts. We’ll uncover new things and find new treasures. Assisting each other through rugged terrain, and encouraging one another if the road gets weary or tiresome.

Encouragement will be plentiful.

This isn’t a guilt trip. You won’t find judgment here. Or pointing fingers.

Or the Bible shoved in your face.

If you know anything about me, you know I don’t believe in that. In eighteen years of studying the Bible, I’ve never once had it shoved in my face. And I won’t do that to you either.

That’s not a part of Loving God and Loving Others.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see Bible verses here, because you will. There’s truth and life and hope in them. 

Real Life. Unconditional Love. Rock-solid Truth. Abounding Hope. Glorious Promise. Beautiful Fellowship. Amazing Grace. Generous Forgiveness. Living Faith.

All that, and more.

So, are we ready?

There’s always a starting point in any journey. This journey begins where my Loving God Loving Others blog began.

And yes, it’s with a Bible verse.

Matthew 22 37-39

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Matthew 22:36-39

The two greatest commandments aren’t complicated. They’re actually quite simple when reading them.

Love God with everything we have, and love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves.

But, if you’re at all like me, living out these two commandments might not be so simple.

I don’t always love God with everything I have, with my heart, my soul, and my mind. My actions prove it. I mess up. I get caught up in things I shouldn’t. I’ve been known to put God on the back burner a time or two (or twenty). I sometimes stomp my foot and want my way, not God’s.

And I don’t always love my neighbor as much as I love me. My family can confirm that. I get selfish. Like a toddler, I sometimes don’t want to share my toys and play nice. I can put my priorities ahead of someone else’s pretty easily.

I pray you can’t relate, but if at all you do, we’re not without hope.

Let’s tighten up our shoe laces and step forward onto this exciting journey together. We’ll take it a day at a time. Come back daily, or whenever you can, for the next 30 days.

Join the conversation below, anytime.

Ready? Set? Let’s Go!



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  1. Beth S.

    I am so going to LOVE these 31 days with you. Such a great topic, Julie. Praying for God to use you in mighty ways to encourage us all to love God with all our heart and to love others. So much goodness. Much love to you. xoxo

    • Julie Lefebure

      It’s going to be a joy to do this alongside of you, Beth! Praying God blesses you in mighty ways in these next weeks! I’ll stop over to your place soon! Much love to you too!



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