Happy Mother’s Day!

by | May 10, 2009 | family, Jesus, me

I’d like to remember my mom with you today…she was the most wonderful person I’ve ever known! She was beautiful on the inside and out, and she had the most calm and loving spirit about her. I appreciated her wisdom, her caring and her motherly love! She was quiet, and never outspoken. Yet you knew when she meant business! 🙂 She always put others first, especially us kids growing up. She was an amazing cook…every day that I can remember in high school, she would always have bacon, eggs and toast ready for me in the mornings before I would leave for school. In all stages of my life, I could always count on her to be there for me…in my celebrations, my defeats, my joys, my sorrows, my frustrations, my happiness, my moodiness…in everything! She was a beautiful example of a loving wife and mother. If I can only grow up to be like her…

We had the most incredible mother-daugther relationship! It was rare if I didn’t see her every day, and if not, we certainly talked on the phone every day. I would call her on my way home from my Monday evening events each week…how I always looked forward to that! She would always encourage me. We spent many an hour talking at her kitchen table over coffee! I think that’s where my love for coffee began! 🙂 We would garden together (my flower beds are filled with nothing but her flowers), we would shop together, we would take walks together, we did so much together!

Ali and Zach had the most incredible relationship with her too…unlike anything I’ve ever seen with a grandparent. She loved spending time with them, and they loved spending time with her! She would attend most of their school functions, events and etc. which we all enjoyed! She was like their second mom.

She was my “rock” here on earth. When the Lord called her home in December 2006, my world was shaken. I’m thankful we both believed Jesus would take her to be with Him…what a security that is for me…knowing she’s with Him in heaven. I love my mom, and I miss her and our fun times together greatly…especially this Mother’s Day.

In going through some things this week, I found this poem that I wrote mom when I was in high school. I LOVED writing poems back then! Finding this touched me…I remember she used to have it on her dresser in her bedroom with a picture of me beside it.

For You, Mother
I know this isn’t much,
For you on this day.
I wanted to express my feelings,
In a really special way.

A special gift and card,
Would have been really nice,
But I couldn’t get those things
By paying a large price.

You’re everything in the world to me,
Whether you know it or not.
You’ve helped me through so many times,
And it really meant a lot.

You’re a sweet and loving person;
You’re my best friend.
I know our happiness
Will stay until the very end.

So this poem I wrote for you mom,
Because of all you do.
I could never pick a nicer mother!
Just remember…
I’ll always love you!
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