Happy 14th Birthday Zach!

by | Mar 28, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Fourteen years ago today, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy…9 pounds, 5 ounces and 22-1/2 inches long at 10:28 p.m.  We named him Zachary William.  The name Zachary means “the Lord remembers,” and Bill and I really liked that name, and couldn’t imagine calling our son any other name.  He’s named after both his dad and his grandpa (my dad) with his middle name. 
Words can’t describe how I feel about the last fourteen years with this very special son.  God has truly blessed me being his mom.  Zach is a gift to me.  Each night at bedtime he tells me, “You’re the best mom!”  And each day he tells me he loves me.  It melts me every time.  He makes me smile.  He makes me laugh.  I cherish our morning and afternoon drives to and from school. 

God has blessed Zach with many gifts and talents.  He’s kind, compassionate, has a big heart, and tries to be friends with everyone.  He loves Jesus, and has the desire to follow God’s will for his life.  He’s great at soccer, has a wonderful singing voice (I can remember him singing in his room when he was little as he played with his toys), and applies himself in his schoolwork.  He’s an all-around great kid!  I couldn’t be more proud! 

As Zach continues to grow and mature, I will continue to cherish our times together.  He will soon be getting his driver’s permit, getting his license, and the next thing I know he will be graduating from high school. (Sniff, sniff…) 

He had a great birthday weekend, as he celebrated with some friends Friday night (he wished he could have invited all of his friends, but we limited him to only five), we had a family birthday party at our home last evening, and today we spent the day at Ali’s volleyball tournament and went out for dinner tonight to celebrate some more.  God has placed lots of people in his life who love him!
Happy Birthday Zachary!  I love you and I truly mean it when I say, “You’re the best son!”  I’m proud of you and I thank God for you every day!  Keep living for Him, and putting Him first in your life.  I will be cheering you on every step of the way!  Happy Birthday Z-Man! 🙂
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