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by | Mar 26, 2011 | This Lefe Family

As Bill and I sit here in our living room tonight, each on a separate laptop (I’m laughing as I take in the sight of us–is this an early picture of what we will be doing when we have an empty nest??!!), we have been sharing with each other about our week. The ups and the downs. The stresses and the joys. We have much to be thankful for this week and much to celebrate! Thank you God!

It was a rewarding week being at Mission of Hope.  God blessed me through the people that came through our doors.

I was able to communicate with Pastor Barb regarding Mission of Hope each day this week (and multiple times on some days), since Tina was on vacation.  I cherish learning from Pastor Barb’s wisdom, communication skills and compassion for others.  She’s like my second mom.  What a blessing this was for me!

Zach started school soccer practice this week.  Oh, how he loves soccer!  It’ll be fun to watch him play again this spring!

I had the privilege of connecting with two other “soccer moms” in between our meetings late Tuesday afternoon.  We had some uplifting and encouraging conversations!  It was unexpected and wonderful! 

Zach was told yesterday at his orthodontist appointment that he doesn’t have to wear his head gear any more.  Yea!!  He’s making great progress with his braces!

Ali got her hair trimmed, and it is VERY cute!  How can my little girl be this grown up?!

Zach turns 14 on Sunday…again, how can my little boy be this grown up?!  We have a weekend full of birthday celebrations for him! 🙂

Bill got 11 hours of sleep in the last three days.  (Hello? Bill, you need more sleep!)  🙂

And tonight I get to hang out with my Honey…even though we are each on our laptops here in our living room.  At least we are together!  Can you believe, Bill, that we’ll be married for 19 years this summer?? 🙂 I love you!

It’s been a great week, filled with wonderful little events in our life that we are celebrating tonight!  I thank God for each one of them. 

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