God Reveals The Hidden Love Buried In You

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Love Others

God is leading us to love deeper, wider, bigger

A friend has a heart for the people of India.

My daughter is drawn to the elderly.

Someone else I know has a love for troubled youth.

And me?

Well, I thought years ago my love was for my family and for those who were like me. In my cushioned, mapped-out life, I was perfectly happy living the life I was living, and loving the people I loved.

God has a way of shaking things up when I get too comfortable. And what He did at that point in my life threw me completely out of my familiar.

God unburied a hidden love he placed within me.


Today I’m sharing a piece of my story on Suzie Eller’s blog, and friend, it’s an honor to do so. I invite you over there to read how God shook up my comfortable life and called me to love deeper, which ultimately transformed my life. Click here to read the rest of the story at Suzie’s.




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