Biking season for us has officially started.

I find that sentence a bit comical. Three years ago those words would never have escaped from my mouth (or my fingers), let alone form in my brain.

Bicycling was not my thing. It was my husband’s.

Sparing you the details, Bill’s love for it eventually rubbed off on me. For the past two years, it’s something we’ve done together. Very together… on a tandem bicycle. (For some details, you’re invited to read this post I wrote before RAGBRAI 2014, or this post I wrote after finishing RAGBRAI 2014, or this one from last year’s RAGBRAI.)


(These pics are some from Thursday night’s ride.)

I like to call our tandem “Big Blue.”

I heard someone once say, “It’s bad luck to name your bicycle.” Well, I don’t believe in luck. Our bike is big, and it’s blue. The name makes sense to me.

On it we have some of the best conversations. Goodness, we’ve come up with disaster plans (yeah, I know… crazy), we’ve talked parenting and empty nesting, we’ve dreamed of our future, we’ve mulled over circumstances and situations, we’ve talked of God and to Him, and we’ve spoken words of love and life to each other.

Over the miles, we’ve shared laughter (so much laughter) and thousands of smiles. We’ve shed tears, both happy and sad ones. We’ve gotten in arguments that haven’t lasted very long. (It’s nearly impossible to be mad at each other on a tandem!) We’ve danced to music. I danced once as I just couldn’t help myself, and nearly put our bike down. (I was asked nicely NEVER to do that again. And I haven’t. My dancing now consists of me bobbing my head and singing along.)

We have met great people on our adventures, and even some of our non-bicycling friends have joined in the fun. We’ve traveled to fun and amazing places, and have biked in all sorts of weather (no snow yet though).

Earlier this week, Bill added something to our biking bucket list:

He wants to bicycle in all 50 states.

Yep, that’s not a type-o. Friend, this biking thing is getting serious. If this is something we’re going to do, we need to start now. To date we’ve got two states crossed off the list… Iowa and Minnesota.

So, friends, if you live in any other state, we’d welcome your help, assistance, suggestions, etc! And we welcome your encouragement, no matter what state you live in!

Bill Julie Biking TandemAny spare time we have over the next few months, you’ll likely find us out on the bike trails. And you’ll probably see the pics I post if you follow me on any social media. This one we took tonight as the sun had just set. Low quality pic, but we sure had fun!

There’s no big lesson or profound truth in this post. There’s really nothing special to encourage or inspire. I’m just sharing a piece of our life with you today. I’ll keep you posted on our biking adventures!

What’s going on in your life today? This week?

I appreciate you!


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