Giving Thanks – Day 22

by | Nov 23, 2010 | Faith

Tonight as I close down my day, I’m thankful for God’s Word.

I was never really taught to read the Bible when I was little.  The church I grew up in didn’t really put an emphasis on that.  I found out though, once I became a follower of Jesus, just how very life-changing reading God’s Words in the Bible can be!  These Words are like a light to my path.  They guide me, they encourage me, they calm me, and they almost sometimes jump off the page at me!  🙂 I can relate to people when they say they don’t understand the Words of the Bible…I was once there.  But what I found was that, but the more I read, the more I understood.  Plus praying for God to help me understand helped too! Different versions of the Bible help me also.  Sometimes I just need simpler Words. 🙂 

Thank you, God for sharing your Words with us.  They are precious to me!

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