Giving Thanks – Day 20

by | Nov 21, 2010 | thankfulness

Last night it was my turn to facilitate the Saturday night Mission of Hope Worship Service.  Mission of Hope is also our family’s church, and has been for about eight years. We love the Worship Services!  Each service is a little different each time.  It’s amazing to me how God brings together maybe a Methodist pastor and a Lutheran worship team to share God’s Word and Message during the same service!  There’s no denomination divisions…we are all just the body of Christ together.  I LOVE THAT!  There’s a different “preacher” each service, and a different worship team.  The variety is so refreshing!

EVERYONE is invited…it doesn’t matter if you’re a “church person” or someone on the streets.  We all worship God and His Son together…and you’ll see both in a typical Worship Service at the Mission.  All shapes, all sizes, all colors, etc.  It doesn’t matter. 

The Truth is shared, lives are being touched and changed, and everyone is being equipped and strengthened to walk with Jesus, and to make a difference in the lives of others.

It was a great Worship Service last evening!  Ali was able to join me, and it was such a joy to praise our Lord together! 

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