Giving Thanks – Day 19

by | Nov 20, 2010 | thankfulness

Yesterday I became very thankful for the people I get to work with at Mission of Hope.  God has chosen each one, and I consider them each a blessing.  Each staff member and each volunteer gives so much of their time and talents to serve God and to serve His people.  I am in awe how the Mission of Hope staff members love, support, encourage and build up each other.  I guess you could say, “we have each others backs.”  It’s a great feeling and I think how all of us work together glorifies God and pleases him.  I didn’t feel well yesterday, and was thankful for how my friends there did what they could to “take care of me.”  I am honored and very thankful to be working with such wonderful people who love God, who love Jesus, and who give Him the glory for what happens at Mission of Hope.  I’m thankful God has chosen us to work alongside of each other and support each other.  It’s pretty cool!  Thank you God! 

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