Gift in the Sandbox

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Personal memories, This Lefe Family

I was sitting on our back deck one morning last week, and something pink caught my eye in what used to be our sandbox. I might have even said what I was thinking outloud, “It can’t be.”

As I walked over to it, I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. Here was a bright pink poppy!

My mind transported me back to simpler times of when Ali and Zach were little children. My mom had poppies growing in one of her flower gardens, and Ali and Zach used to enjoy collecting the poppy seeds and would sprinkle them on the ground so more would grow. Some of those seeds made it to our sandbox by their helpful little hands, and here, years later, a poppy appears!


A smile and tears accompanied this precious memory.

A part of their childhood, a part of Mom’s garden, a part of my younger motherhood blessed me that morning. It was a precious few moments of escape to a time when all I wanted was to have Ali and Zach spend a much time as they could with their grandparents. I succeeded in that. And I’m thankful.

And as the days draw closer of Ali leaving home soon, I cherished even more finding this special gift in the sandbox.

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