Genesis Weeks 9 & 10

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Faith

The last two weeks in Bible Study Fellowship have been both convicting and encouraging to me.

We’ve studied Genesis 8:20-9:29 (after the flood) and Genesis 10-11 (the tower of Babel and table of nations).

Four major things stood out to me in these lessons:

  1. Trusting God…do I trust him in all situations, especially when trouble comes? Imagine how Noah and his family felt each time it began to rain again. All they needed to do was to remember God’s sign of His promise…the rainbow. We can choose to “look at the rainbow” and believe His promises and trust His faithfulness.
  2. God is sovereign…believing in His sovereignty gives us hope, security, strength and peace. We can rest completely in Him. Do we?
  3. We need to beware of seeking to make a name for ourselves. Our focus should be on making God’s name famous and great, not our own. Let the example of the tower of Babel be our warning. 
  4. Having a right relationship with God will lead to a healthy thought life, a heart filled with gratitude, humbleness, and a desire to worship God. It makes me ask the question, “Does this describe me?”
I have a lot to work on…and I know God is working on me. Yet, I’m encouraged…I’m not who I used to be!
On to week 11! 🙂
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