Genesis Week 7

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Faith

Bible 1 edited 1Last week was the 7th week on our study of Genesis in Bible Study Fellowship.

Even though I believe this is the third time I’ve studied Genesis in BSF, God is teaching me much!

  • We studied Seth, Enosh, Enoch & Noah…men of faith.
  • We looked at the difference between Cain’s descendants and Seth’s. Seth’s descendants called upon the name of the Lord.
  • Enoch walked with God for 300 years, without interruption, and never experienced death. God took him away.
  • Noah’s family lived alone in a culture that was ignorant of and indifferent to God. He didn’t conform to his surroundings.
A part of the notes really spoke out to me, “God has established the years of our lives, whether many or few, and the quality of those years depends on whether we live with and for Him. How will you begin your day tomorrow, consciously “walking” with God in your thinking, acting, and speaking? How will you walk “step by step” trusting in Him according to His will?”
I find it interesting that in all the people listed in Genesis 5, only four men were mentioned of following God. There were probably more, but these four men’s names will go down in history as men of God. I want to be known as a woman of God. That is the greatest title one can receive! 🙂
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