Genesis Week 6

by | Oct 21, 2012 | Faith

This week in Bible Study Fellowship we studied Genesis 4:1-24. I have read this account countless times about Cain and Abel, yet I find God is still teaching me again through it.

Lessons/thoughts/truths that stood out to me through this week’s lesson:

  • Life lived in sin, apart from God, in the end is empty.
  • We are either opposing God or living for God.
  • Cain’s and Abel’s hearts were revealed in their offering to God. What is revealed about my heart in my giving? Do I give my leftovers or the best? Do I go out of my way out of love for God to give Him the best?
  • God looked at the man first, then his offering (vs 4-5). Faith is what God saw in Abel. Abel believed in God and His promises. Faith did not penetrate Cain’s heart. His offering came from duty, not faith.
  • God who knows everything knows our hearts.
  • God pursues Cain and gives him an opportunity to turn to God to get help and repent, as He does us.
  • Sin was ready to pounce on Cain, as it was “crouching at his door.” What’s in my heart? What sin is crouching at my door? Do not let sin have you.
  • We all sin…we are not able not to sin. Only through Jesus Christ can we master it through the Holy Spirit. Repentance brings forgiveness!
  • God seeks us out in our sin, and offers us grace and mercy.
  • Psalm 32 & 51 reveal David’s heart in his sin. Powerful!
  • Without God, there is emptiness in life. Cain’s descendants lived apart from God, advanced culturally, yet nothing was accounted for without God. All perished in the flood.
  • Personally…where is God in my life? In the center? Am I a godly wife–a helper for my husband? Am I training up my children in the way they should go? Am I seizing every opportunity to be a witness to Jesus in my life?
It was a very convicting and encouraging study this week! On to week 7! 🙂
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