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by | Apr 25, 2014 | Five Minute Friday

Friday is here! With it comes Five Minute Friday!Five Minute Friday

Five minutes of writing on a one word subject. Pure writing, with no concern for grammar, punctuation, etc. This stretches me each week, and I love it. Linking up with my Five Minute Friday friends at

Here goes!

This week’s subject:


God has blessed me with the gift of many friends. These are the women I get to do life with. They are my “go to girls.”


Today I applaud, appreciate, and embrace each one of these precious women. They each bring something special to my life. My life would be so different, and so empty, so boring, without each one.

I marvel at how they live their lives. I watch them as they change careers in their mid-40’s and early-50’s, to follow God’s will for their lives.

I see their dedication to their families, and how they seek to raise Christ-centered children.

I see how they take care of themselves. I am awed by their love for God, and their passion to study His Word.

I watch how they invest in the lives of those around them, and inspire them to be their very best.

All the while, they care about me, my family, and what’s going on in our lives.

They are truly amazing.

And they are mine. (I smile as I write that!)

I thank God for these hand-picked, placed-in-my-life-by-Him, friends!

And to you, my friends, thank you for doing life with me. I love each of you from the bottom of this grateful heart. May God bless you with His presence, His love, His wisdom today. Hugs to you!


(Five minutes goes fast! Thanks for spending them with me!)

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  1. Terry @ A Mom's Many Lessons

    I’m glad to be sharing Five Minute Friday with you! Your words: dedication, care, and invest describe a good friend so well. I hope to be that to those around me.

    • Julie

      Thank you, Terry! I’m glad to be sharing part of this day with you too. I appreciate your encouragement. May we all be that kind of friend to those around us. Have a blessed day!


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