Oh goodness, what a great Five Minute Friday it is!

When many of us write for five minutes–free write–on a one word prompt. We let the words flow with no care in the world about what the world cares about. You know… punctuation, grammar, or if it even makes sense!! We gather back together at Kate Motaung’s place to share and encourage. It’s a beautiful thing in my week.

I invite you to join in the fun… either on your own blog, in the comments below, or on a piece of paper on your kitchen table.

It’s beautifully freeing!

Speaking of that… this week’s word:





I’m the queen of comparison. And I always fall short.

Or so I used to be.

Things changed when I began to believe–really believe–how God sees me. After all, He created me to be me. He formed me, molded me, gave me my special quirks and personality traits. He even gave me my larger-than-I-like thighs.

Today I’m okay with all of that. Oh, I still have moments I struggle with that issue, but for the most part,

I am free to be me.

And friend, you are free to be you.

We are His children. Created in His image. For His purpose–a beautiful purpose. He loves us. He desires us to love who He created us to be.

To be comfortable in our own skin. To embrace who we are. And to embrace who the girl is next to you. To encourage her in that freedom to be who God created her to be, too.

freeThere is beauty in that right there.

Today, let’s you and I make a difference in lighting the path of this freedom. Let’s be the example for others in this journey…

Free to be who you are, and free to be who I am.

I’d love to hear from you…

Let’s celebrate our differences. Our imperfections. The part of us that sometimes drives us bonkers. We all have at least one. Share it below, and celebrate that Jesus already took care of it. See it today as a blessing. I already named mine above.

See yourself unique and special. Celebrate who you in Him are this day. And then encourage someone else to do the same.

Enjoy this from Francesca Battistelli – Free To Be Me:




Much love to you today!


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