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by | Aug 22, 2014 | Five Minute Friday

Happy Friday, my friends!

These Fridays roll around faster and faster is seems. With them come Five Minute Fridays, where many of us come together to let our hearts, minds, and hands go free on a one-word prompt. We share it all at Kate Moutaung’s place. Check it out and be encouraged. And why not join us? If you don’t have a blog, by all means, write your five minutes in my comments below. I’d love to encourage you in your writing too! Don’t be concerned about grammar, punctuation, etc. Just go and have fun with this. I certainly do.

This weeks’ word:




I think of the word CHANGE, and words like






come to mind.

It’s been a week of that around here.

Scratch that. It’s been a year of that around here.

changeOur son started his senior year of high school this week. Our daughter found direction in her career path. (The excitement in her voice, telling me all about it last night is something I haven’t heard in awhile!) Bill and I are making positive changes in our health. My schedule is being adjusted this week. And I changed the look of my blog home (see the full effects here) this week.

Change? It seems normal anymore.

But God’s at work, and I can tell because it’s been a little uncomfortable. He’s stretching us. Growing us. Molding us for greater things. Change is exciting. But it can also be unnerving and scary too. Am I right??

I’m excited to see the big picture someday of what God is up to. I see just pieces of it now, fitting together little by little like a puzzle. It’s going to be a beautiful masterpiece once all the pieces are put together. I just wish I had the box top to see what the finished picture is going to look like.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes fixed on the One who sees the finished picture.

I encourage you to do the same. I don’t know what changes you’re going through, but God does. His plan, His box top, is bigger, more beautiful, more complete than what it may seem right now. Trust Him my friend. He’s making a masterpiece!


It’s a gift to me that you’re here. I’m lifting you in prayer today as you navigate through change. Keep your eyes on Him, friend! He’s got this!

Hugs and prayers,


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  1. Betsy

    Hi Julie!Boy can I relate to a day, week, or YEAR of change! I just found out our 9 month furlough back to America will start in August of 2015, one year earlier than we’d planned. And the changes of school starting, etc. etc. Thanks for the reminder that God’s got control still!

    • Julie

      Wow, Betsy! You CAN relate. In a year you’ll be back for nine months?! Wouldn’t it be great to connect in person while you’re home!?! Yes, big changes. So thankful we’re not the ones in control of it all. 🙂 Hugs to you this Friday!

  2. martha brady

    julie, your new blog page is beautiful:) i also like your blog and the post today is spot on! what can be more exciting/scary than to have your last child heading off to their senior yr. in high school? well, maybe heading off to college, but that will be next year:) we have been through about 3 years of change. i’m not sure i’d know what to do with “normal.” this may be what normal will be for us:( i hope not. i’m tired of moving.

    blessings as you navigate both change in general and the years of launching your children specifically. you will be learning to trust GOD in new ways and it will be good:)

    • Julie

      Thank you, Martha! Yes, it will be so good! Looking forward to this year ahead and seeing all God has for us and for our son. I appreciate your encouragement and for your presence here. God bless you as you move through the changes of life too! 🙂

  3. Jolene Underwood (@Faith_Eyes)

    I’m always amazed, year after year, at how much change occurs. It happens in the years I think little has happened. And then there are the seasons like these last few for me as well where change is so common. I realize and I rest in that image you have painted, the beautiful picture to come. Amen.

    • Julie

      Yes, our hope is in the beautiful picture yet to come! We can most certainly rest in the One who holds that beautiful picture in the palm of His hand! So thankful for that today. Thanks for stopping in, Jolene! Have a great weekend!

  4. Lisa Moles

    Love the new look of your blog home page – really eye-catching! Man, I am right there with you in this year of changes. Always a wonderful reminder that He’s got this! It makes my shoulders come down from around my ears, brings a smile to my face and slows my heart rate. Great words, great post.

    • Julie

      Thanks, Lisa! Yes, He’s got this and He’s got us! So thankful! Thank you for coming by and for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Holly Barrett

    Yes, He can see the bigger picture and knows what the finished one will look like too. How much easier change would be if I just trusted Him more.

    • Julie

      Amen, sister!! Amen. Navigating through the changes would be a whole lot easier! Thank you for your presence here, Holly!

  6. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    I love your image. 🙂 It’s been a year of change here too and there will be changes soon when we adjust to my husbands return home. But just as we did these months apart, I’m trusting God . . . asking Him to direct our steps to navigate through the changes.
    Great post, Julie.
    Happy Friday.

    • Julie

      Hi Beth! Thank you! I have been thinking of you often as you prepare for your husband to return home soon. That will be a time of change for you, but a wonderful change! I will continue to lift you in prayer. So thankful we can trust Him through the changes of life! God bless you, friend!

  7. Amy P Boyd

    Change can be so hard if/when don’t acknowledge His hand in it all. I am thankful He is faithful to work all things for good.

    • Julie

      I’m thankful for that truth too, Amy! So glad He’s in control, and I’m not. Thank you for coming by and sharing! Hugs to you today!

  8. ~ linda

    Thank you, Julie, for the prayers as change is quite inevitable, no matter where we are in life. Thank you for the reminder that God is in charge as we meander, sometimes dazed, and sometimes with a knowing committed direction.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Julie

      Thank you Linda for coming by and sharing. Yes, change is inevitable, but so thankful we aren’t alone through the changes! And we have those in our lives who encourage us along as we meander along our path. Thank you for doing that for me today!


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