I missed last week’s Five Minute Friday. I was in Maryland helping my friend Patty. It was good to be with her and her family. I missed this special part of my week, and it’s good to be back! It’s when many of us free-write on a one-word prompt. We write, we gather at Kate Motaung’s, we share, we encourage. It’s a blessing to be a part of this beautiful community. I invite you to try it… on your own blog, in the comments below, or on a piece of paper on your kitchen table.
This week’s word:




It may not have been the week of celebrations. It may have been a hard, difficult, challenging week. The last thing you feel like doing is celebrating.

We’ve all had week like these. We don’t like them. And we arrive at the end of the week exhausted, worn out, weary.

This may be where you find yourself today.

Friend, I’m with you. I’m praying for you as you read this. I’m praying God strengthens you, guides you, and blesses you in the challenges.

Or, maybe your week was a glorious, monumental, incredibly special kind of week. And you have celebrated all week long. You desire to shout from the rooftops the great things you’re living out. You’re ending your week on top of the world. We love these kinds of weeks!

Maybe this is you today.

Friend, I’m with you too. I’m praying for you as you read this. I’m praying God strengthens you, guides you, and blesses you in the celebrations.

If some have cause to celebrate, join in the celebration. And if others are weeping, join in that as well. Romans 12:15 (The Voice)

No matter what kind of week we’ve had, we have one true and constant factor in it all.


Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in him! Philippians 4:4 (Message)

Celebrating God helps us keep our focus on truth, on hope, and on His promises. And off of our situations.

It’s always a great day (week, month) to celebrate God. May you and may I take time today to celebrate who God is, how He loves us, and how He’s for us. Good thing He’s with us through all kinds of weeks!



I mean it when I write I’m with you. I consider it a blessing that you’ve stopped by today, and I’m thankful we get to do life together. Even if we’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart. We are in this life together. I’m celebrating you, my friend!

Much love,





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