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by | Jul 18, 2014 | Five Minute Friday

These Fridays sure roll around fast. It’s Five Minute Friday, where a bunch of us meet over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s to share five minutes of writing on a one-word prompt. It’s our time to throw writing details like punctuation, grammar, spelling out the window, and to just free write for a straight five minutes. And free writing it is! I love it each week. Check it out, try it yourself (even if you don’t have a blog), join us or comment below. I would love to read your five minutes of free writing!

This week’s word:



flowers 04Lisa-Jo and I must be thinking similarly this week. I wrote a post Bloom Where We’re Planted earlier in the week. Great minds think alike. 🙂

Right now our home is surrounded with blooms. And I must say they are beautiful. Flowers do what they are supposed to do so beautifully, don’t they? They bloom.

flowers 01Do I do what I’m supposed to do beautifully?

Not all the time. And sometimes it’s not beautiful at all. Sometimes it’s with a terrible attitude. Griping. Complaining. Negative thoughts. Can you picture what a flower would like with a terrible attitude? And yet, at times, I must look like that to God.

That thought alone is enough to set me straight.

flowers 03By golly, I’m going to bloom beautifully today. I desire to do what God wants me to do. And I desire to do it beautifully, with a beautiful attitude. Will you join me?

I pray I can bloom beautifully next week too, as I’ll be riding RAGBRAI (a week-long bicycle ride across the state of Iowa) on a tandem bike with my husband. We’ll start this adventure Sunday evening. (We’ll miss the first day of the ride due to our niece’s wedding.).

I’ll be providing updates on my blog daily, hopefully with pictures if my app work correctly. I sure would appreciate your prayers!

flowers 9 (2)Bloom. Let’s do it.


Wishing you a great Friday!


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  1. Debbie

    Well I have to say that your flowers are blooming beautifully. I love your analogy with your attitude. Your bicycle ride sounds like fun; enjoy and keep blooming. I’m glad I followed your link for FMF.

    • Julie

      Hi Debbie! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by! FMF is too fun! Praying your day is blessed!

  2. Karen Brown

    Julie- Great post! Bloom on! And enjoy the ride. Loved this- I’m always glad I stopped by your place. 🙂 FMF

    • Julie

      Karen, thank you! Bloom on, too! You’re good at it! It’s a blessing getting to know you! Have a great weekend!

  3. Katie Reid

    So glad to be your neighbor over at FMF this week. Great post! Have a great time on your bike ride! My hubby and me are going tandem for 5 days in August.:)

    • Julie

      Hi Katie! I love that we both bike! So fun! I look forward to hearing about your five days next month. Happy to be following you this week on FMF! HUGS!

  4. R. Rodgers

    This is my first time doing FMF and I must admit I thought maybe Bloom was last week’s word because I remembered your earlier post. After a little digging I realized it was just coincidental! The blooms in your yard are indeed beautiful. I am most impressed with your upcoming ride across Iowa! I will look forward to your updates. Also thanks for the reminder to bloom beautifully today (and everyday!). I shall endeavor to do that.

    • Julie

      Oh I’m so glad you participated in FMF! I look forward to reading your post! Isn’t it fun?! I was surprised to see the word today today too! So glad you stopped by today. Blessings!

  5. Kim

    Poetry Blooming:
    thoughts, words, emotions…
    poetry – flows & grows
    from the deepest of depths in me.
    seeds planted long ago.
    sights or smells,
    reminders through words read
    & sometimes heard.
    these water the seeds
    & they begin to sprout.
    slowly growing, stronger & taller.
    the tending infrequent but effective.
    A day comes when a bud is formed
    & the blossom is bursting.
    pencil to paper,
    line by line,
    senses alert & pouring
    emotion to thought
    a story lived,
    a poem blooming.

    • Julie

      This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these precious words here today! What a gift! You certainly have a way with words. Keep sharing them!

  6. Holly Barrett

    “Do I do what I’m supposed to do beautifully?” Convicting thought but encouraging as well, Julie. I know I need to consider that more every day.

    • Julie

      Me too, Holly. God has been working on me regarding this lately. So glad He doesn’t leave us where we’re at! Thank you for coming by today. You always bless me!

  7. Elise

    Joining you in actions and attitude!

    I pray you have a woooooonderful time next week biking with your man and I look forward to seeing pics! 🙂

    • Julie

      Thanks Elise! How’s your family? Praying all is well! I’m excited for next week! Have a great weekend!

  8. Lisa Moles

    A perfect, happy, positive post. And it really is that simple. Just choose to bloom and not to wallow. Choose positive over negative. Choose to bloom as God made us or fight a losing battle. Enjoy your ride – what an adventure! Stopping by from FMF.

    • Julie

      It is simple. Why do I make it so hard sometimes? 🙂 Thanks for stopping in today, Lisa! God bless you!

  9. Rachel Q

    Awesome words! Thank you for the reminder! Also good luck on your RAGBRAI ride! I will look forward to your posts about your adventure. I grew up in Iowa and had many RAGBRAI experiences…even riders camping in our front yard and using our showers! It’s a fun time! Praying you have great weather for your ride!

    • Julie

      Thanks, Rachel! I love that you’ve experienced RAGBRAI! We’re looking forward to our week! Thank you for coming by today! Blessings!


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