by | Jan 6, 2012 | Christmas, just for fun

I was blessed to receive for Christmas and my birthday last month something I’ve wanted for a very long time…Fiestaware!

For years I have more or less “drooled” over this dinnerware when I would walk through different stores that had them on display.  I could never justify spending the money, however.  But Bill, Ali and Zach gave me a few sets for Christmas and my birthday, my brother Pat and his family gave me some for my birthday, and I filled in a few things with some sales that I found with the money I received for Christmas and my birthday!

Now I’m thrilled each time I open up our cupboard doors and see a rainbow of colors in there!  I’m even more excited each time I pull even one piece out to put to use!  I absolutely love my dinnerware!  Yes, these are something I didn’t need, but I have sure wanted.  🙂

The wait was worth it!

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