Today Is for Living Abundantly

The Woodbridge Building 501 Front Drive, Toddville, IA

Today is a gift. And, today is all we've got. Yesterday is passed, and tomorrow isn't here yet. God gives us each day to live it abundantly. But some days we're distracted and discouraged. Some days we are weary and worn out. And some days we wonder if anything we're doing is making any sort […]


Why Am I So Distracted?

A Place 4 Friends 212 Edgewood Road NW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Do you ever feel like you're consistently so distracted and can't stay focused? Maybe you feel like you keep spinning your wheels, but you're not getting anywhere? Or maybe you feel like life is passing you by, and you don't understand why? And you wonder... Why am I so distracted?? Well, hang in there, because […]

$20.00 – $25.00

‘Tis The Season To Be…

A Place 4 Friends 212 Edgewood Road NW, Cedar Rapids, IA

We know what the Christmas carol says, "'Tis the season to be...jolly." Right?? We know this, yet why is the Christmas season not always this way? Why is it filled with stress, busyness, and grief so often instead? Why is it sometimes anything--and everything--but jolly? Well, we have a choice in the matter, and a […]


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