Dove Chocolate & Dreams

by | Jan 29, 2014 | personal journey

One of my favorite mini treats is Dove individually wrapped chocolates. One reason I enjoy them so much is because they are delicious. Having just one satisfies any sweet or chocolate craving I may have. The second reason I enjoy them so much is because of the cute, inspirational sayings on the inside of the wrapper. Tonight I opened one, took a bite, flattened out the wrapper and read…

Live your dreams.

Hmmm…I thought for a few minutes and questioned myself, “Am I living my dreams?”

Cinderella said “a dream is a wish your heart makes… says a dream is a cherished hope, an ambition or aspiration.

I thought of some of my past dreams. Some came true. Some did not.

One I remember clearly was being able to stay home and raise our children. God brought Mary Kay into my life to be able to do so. That was a beautiful dream come true.

I also had a dream to take our children to Walt Disney World and to surprise them without them knowing. That dream came true in 2004. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when they realized we were pulling into an airport instead of going to Dad’s work picnic. Smile.

I also had a dream of renewing our wedding vows on our 20th wedding anniversary. We were able to do that with Pastor Barb, a month after our anniversary.

I had dreams of being “rich and famous,” and acquiring certain “things.” I also had dreams of being successful in my business. And I believe I was. But I also believe God showed me those kinds of dreams were empty, and He began to plant dreams in my heart that I never ever desired before…of helping people see who Jesus is, to love and appreciate others where they are at, to love others unconditionally, and to make living my life for Him (and for nothing else) a priority. My dreams became more intangible than tangible things.

I have dreams for my children to walk with the Lord all their days, and to live out His calling on their lives. If they do that, I know they’ll have fruitful and fulfilled lives. I have dreams for my husband to always be healthy, whole, and fulfilled in every area of his life.

Has God given you a dream in your heart? I believe He’s planting a new one in mine, and I’m excited to see where He will take me in it. 🙂

So, I guess I am living my dreams. They are just different than they used to be.

Live your dreams. Make them happen. Allow God to plant some mighty God-sized dreams in your heart! Then work towards them as if they depended all on you, and pray as if they depended all on God.

I think I’ll go have another Dove chocolate. 🙂 Have a dream-filled night!

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