A New Concert Experience

Our family loves music. It’s not uncommon to have music playing in our home throughout the times we are hanging out here. Ali and Zach listen to pop the most. Bill listens to the classics and rock often, especially when working out. I generally listen to...

You Are I AM

My new favorite song…depicts where God has taken me from and who He is… “You Are I Am” by MercyMe. Enjoy!

Reliving Marching Band 1987

This past Saturday I saw on my facebook page that I was “tagged” in some pictures by a friend of mine, Jennifer. (I used to babysit Jennifer when she was in elementary school. We’ve been able to stay in touch over the years, and a big part of that...

I Love You This Big!

My son, Zach told me about this video of Scotty McCreery.  Had to share it here…this confirms what I thought of Scotty all along through American Idol…He loves Jesus too!! 🙂

Be Still

We were watching t.v. here at home Tuesday night.  A Scheels commercial came on during a commercial break, which caught my attention as I was multi-tasking in my comfy chair.  This commercial contained black and white pictures, featuring different women doing...

I Won’t Let Go

For this blog, Loving God…Loving Others, this a perfect song.  The three main artists that make up Rascal Flatts love Jesus according to what is written inside of their latest cd.  My thoughts of the meaning behind the song has to do with Jesus saying these...

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