Be Still

by | May 26, 2011 | God, Inspiration, music

We were watching t.v. here at home Tuesday night.  A Scheels commercial came on during a commercial break, which caught my attention as I was multi-tasking in my comfy chair.  This commercial contained black and white pictures, featuring different women doing different things, and words in red appeared on each picture.  It wasn’t the pictures or the words that caught my attention.  It was the song.  The words that caught my ear were “be still.” 

Right then I grabbed my phone and googled “Scheels commercial song.”  And it directed me to the full song “Be Still” by Kari Jobe.  I have never heard of her before.  Her songs that I’ve listed to so far are beautiful and have such a precious message.  May you enjoy “Be Still” just as much as have!  (Maybe you need the message in it as much as I do right now too!)

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