10 Day Give – Day 3

Yesterday was my 3rd day in The 10 Day Give.Does cheering my son on in two soccer games on an absolutely beautiful day count as giving? 🙂  I guess it could if I really wanted it to, but that’s something I normally do anyway.  It really was a beautiful day!It was...

10 Day Give – Day 2

Yesterday was my 2nd day in The 10 Day Give.I made my family one of their favorite meals for lunch…Last Minute Lasagna.I spent a few hours at Mission of Hope yesterday afternoon, and gave encouragement to a co-worker, and my friends there.  I gave at church last...

The 10 Day Give

Today began my 3rd year of The 10 Day Give.  It’s ten days of giving that helps me stay focused on giving to others.  My sister-in-law Stacie turned me onto it three years ago, and I have really enjoyed it!Here are the details from The 10 Day Give...

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