Blooming Where We’re Planted – And Replanted

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Blooming Where We're Planted

Second-chances. Do-overs. Fresh starts.

Looking back over your life, has there been a season you’d like to request a do-over? Or, maybe a second-chance to make things right? Or, a fresh start in an area that could have used one?

I can’t help but think of my teenage years. In all reality, those were the years I struggled the most. I’d welcome a do-over for many experiences back then. Or a second chance to make better decisions than the ones I made. My rebellious tendencies sometimes got the better of me and I allowed them to take me to places I never should have gone.

But, the thing is, God did give me a second chance. He gave me even third, and fourth, and fifth chances. Maybe not in the ways I thought He should or expected, but He gave me chances for do-overs in other ways. He could have given up on me, but He didn’t. I gave Him every reason to, but He didn’t.

Blooming Where We're Planted and Replanted

Instead of giving up on me, God replanted me.

The concept of replanting is something I understand. I currently have a Dieffenbachia plant in our entryway that could use some replanting. It’s pot is too small, and because so, it’s not thriving the way it could if it had more dirt surrounding its roots. Most of the time it looks limp and pale and quite sad, actually.

Sometimes we get that way, too. We can become limp and pale and even sad-looking if we’re not in the place we’re supposed to be. If our roots aren’t receiving what makes us thrive and grow and bloom. Sometimes we, too, need to be replanted. Sometimes we could use a fresh environment to bloom in the ways we were designed to. You know? God’s good at replanting. He knows where we’ll bloom the biggest, brightest, and boldest. After all, no one knows you and me better.

God moved me to a place where I’d bloom again.

Every time I’ve stopped blooming He replanted me. With each time, I questioned, I dug my heels in, I tried to stay planted where I was. But, I’ve learned through these experiences no matter how uncomfortable being replanted feels, there’s something special about fresh dirt at the roots. There’s something wonderful about a new space to grow. Sometimes being replanted is what’s best for us.

Friend, could God be in the process of replanting you? Does it feel like your roots are being dug up, stretched, or torn? Are you feeling uncomfortable and uncertain of what’s going on in your life in this moment?

Maybe God could be extending to you a second chance? A do-over? A fresh start? Could He be moving you to a place where you’ll bloom brighter than you ever have? Even if you can’t possibly see it now?

Trust the Master Gardener in this process.

Trust He knows what He’s doing. If He’s moving you–replanting you–He’s got big things in store for you.

We can believe this truth in the process:

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:8 NLT

Looking back, I can now say I’m thankful for the times God replanted me. I’m glad He didn’t leave me where I once was. He’s going not to leave you either. I can’t wait to see how brightly we each continue to bloom!

Blessings in blooming!




This is the last post in our series Blooming Where We’re Planted. Thank you for joining me as we continue to grow and bloom in our own unique ways! You’re a blessing!


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