Blooming Where We’re Planted – Bloom Anyway

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Blooming Where We're Planted

We continue in our series, Blooming Where We’re Planted. It’s been a powerful subject and I hope you’re finding yourself encouraged!

Blooming where we’re planted may be easier said than done, right? Especially if we find ourselves in a garden we never intended or expected. Or if we are in the dark (yesterday’s post), or if we feel a bit forgotten or lost. Maybe life isn’t easy right now and blooming seems impossible.

But, we can bloom anyway.

Blooming Where We're Planted - Bloom Anyway

How do we bloom anyway when isn’t easy?

  1. Live in the moment.
    What we experience now is preparing us for our future. What you and I walk through today will help us as we travel further on this adventure. We may not understand why we’re planted where we are, nor why we are experiencing these current circumstances, but we can trust they’ll benefit us down the road. We can look back over our lives and see that’s been the case before and it will be again. Embrace right where you are and live in every precious moment you are given. Living in the moment helps us bloom beautifully.
  2. Be grateful.
    When we have an attitude of gratitude, not only does it benefit ourselves, but it affects others. Gratefulness helps us view life in a positive perspective, and it makes our days a whole lot more pleasant! We are able to see the many gifts and blessings we’ve been given, and doing so might be the example for another to do the same. Gratefulness helps us bloom brightly.
  3. Bless others.
    Something happens when we set out to be a blessing. We not only impact the lives of those we bless, but we also impact ours as well. Blessing others brings hope, joy, and encouragement. It can become contagious and cause a ripple effect. Those you bless, bless others, Lives are touched beyond what you can imagine. Something as simple as a smile can be a blessing. Blessing others helps is bloom brilliantly.
  4. Make a choice.
    When it appears to not be easy or convenient, or if you’ve been dealt some tough circumstances, make the choice to bloom anyway. In life there’s more than one way to bloom. Look for ways to shine, to grow, to see things from a different perspective. Even if it’s not easy, blooming will be worth it. Sometimes just choosing to do so is all it takes to bloom boldly.

When life isn’t easy, bloom anyway.

A dear friend of mine is walking down an unfamiliar and challenging road in life. She has days filled with hurt, pain, frustration, and loneliness. She finds herself in tears often, and life right now is far from easy. But, I’ve watched her begin to rediscover who she really is through this experience. She’s remained hopeful and faith-filled. It hasn’t been easy or convenient, but she’s finding ways to bloom anyway.

Blooming may look different for her today than it did a year ago, but as she keeps moving forward in those four ways above, she can help but bloom beautifully. I couldn’t be more proud of her and I admire her for the example she is for me and others.

Friend, what are some ways you can bloom anyway today? How have you done so in the past? Your words may be the encouragement someone else could use this very day.

Bloom anyway. It’s a good day to do so.

Blessings in blooming!



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