An Untimely Death

by | Aug 18, 2013 | family, grieving

I just finished reading an online obituary of a thirteen year old who lived in a neighboring town.

My heart aches. I didn’t know this young man, but I understand my Godson, Bennett and niece, Angie were classmates of his. Bennett must also have played football with this boy, as his obituary stated he was proud to be a part of the school’s football team as defensive lineman and he looked forward to the day of playing high school and college football. He was going to be a 7th Grader this year.

I can’t imagine the grief, sorrow and sadness this little boy’s family is experiencing, especially his parents. And the questions they must be asking.

Times like this I can’t wrap my head around. I trust God completely, and I trust He’s in control of ALL things. I trust Him enough to believe that He allowed what we would call this untimely death to happen for a reason. It’s not untimely to God though. It must be a part of his plan. But still, I don’t understand it.

The mom of this young man must have written the obituary, and I was blessed to read her words… “One last thing, from Sean and I to all of you parents, please, hug and kiss your kids every day, and let them sleep on your bedroom floor if they want, go to every function you can make it to, enjoy the time you have because you never know when that time is up.”

I couldn’t agree more. I will hug Ali a little harder the next time I see her, and since Zach is sitting on the couch next to me, I’ll hug him now. 🙂

Maybe some day I’ll be able to meet this mom and be able to tell her in person how sorry I am for their loss. But for now I can pray…that God comforts this family in ways that they would know it’s Him. I pray that His peace fills them and surrounds them. And I also pray that this boy’s classmates come together to help each other through the days and weeks ahead, as they begin school tomorrow.

I pray for my children too…that God protects them in every way possible, and I believe I’ve done that every day since they were born. I’m thankful God gave me these wonderful children. May I never take them for granted.

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