A Wonderful Break

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Christmas, family, me, memories

I took Friday and today off from working at the Mission.  After Wednesday’s Christmas Giveaway, and after putting all I had into the planning and organizing of that special day, I was beyond drained.  I’m glad I had a couple of extra days off to re-energize and re-group.  It was a wonderful weekend, filled with family, wonderful moments of memories, and much laughter and joy.  I will post pictures of our weekend soon! 
We’ve stayed up late, and slept in most days.  This time has been so relaxing for me.  Even cooking our big Christmas meal at home on Christmas Day for our family was relaxing…and that’s usually not normal for me. 🙂  It was actually enjoyable! It’s been great to have Bill home and the kids to have no schedules to run to!

After having a few days off, it’s always hard for me to return.  I hope I’m ready to hit the ground running tomorrow morning!  As my family will be home the rest of the week, I will return to my somewhat normal schedule.  It will be good for me to see my friends at Mission of Hope.  I do miss them.  (I sometimes feel like Norm on the classic t.v. show “Cheers” when I walk in.) 

And it will be good for me to have some drive time alone.  I really haven’t had any alone time since Thursday last week (that’s also not normal for me).  I’m one that needs some alone time too.

I will cherish these few days at home for a very long time.  And I look forward to making new memories tomorrow at the Mission!


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