A Week of God’s Blessings

by | May 30, 2011 | This Lefe Family

I was reminded again this week just how busy the month of May is for our family.  As school comes to an end for the year for Ali and Zach this week, I’m hoping life will slow down to a more moderate pace for us.  I am thrilled to be as involved as I am in Ali’s & Zach’s lives, and I’m just as thrilled that they are involved in all they are.  I am thankful God gifted them in the ways He has, and I’m thankful He has equipped them to use those talents and gifts.  One reason I began this blog was to be able to have an opportunity to share their gifts with others, and to give Ali & Zach the gift of someday looking back at these posts with fond memories.  I think often if Mom would have written down the many life events that took place in her life and in our family’s life, how blessed I would be to read them today.  🙂

Ali had her last choir concert for the year on Monday.  It was a wonderful concert!  Ali loves to sing!  The Seniors were recognized and honored…it’s hard to believe that Ali will be a Senior next year!

Concert Chorale performs…Ali is on right side of stage, top row
Ali’s cousin, Joe Costigan is recognized as a senior (center of picture), Ali is behind him 🙂
My family…such a gift to me!
These two are always up to something! 🙂

Tuesday was Ali’s 17th birthday.  I wrote a post about it on the 24th.  It was fun day for us and for her! 

Even though she wasn’t feeling the greatest at the end of her birthday, it was fun to watch her open her presents.  (Notice the sign in the background…it was the sign that was on our hospital door 17 year ago announcing her birth!)
Wednesday evening was the night out with friends from my former job.  It was a joy-filled night and I’ll cherish those memories for a very long time!
My friend Jerry
Zach had his last choir concert of the school year on Thursday night.  Zach is following in his sister’s footsteps in the singing department! 
Zach (in solid light blue shirt) singing with his friends
The 7th, 8th, & 9th grade men
Zach & Alex
Yesterday we had Ali’s 17th birthday party here at home with friends and family.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time together!  Ali enjoyed having those closest in her life over to celebrate with her!
Ali with her cousin Brandon
Grandpa Don & Grandma Peg
The birthday girls blowing out candles!
What a wonderful family!!
It certainly was a week full of God’s many blessings!  We have so much to be thankful for!! 
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