A Friend Who Popped Into My Head

by | Jan 26, 2014 | Friendship, God

As I was getting ready for my day yesterday, our long time family friend, John, popped into my head.

John has been our family photographer for over 22 years. He took our engagement pictures, our wedding pictures, all of my professional business pictures, every single professional family picture we have hanging in our home, Alissa’s Senior pictures, and this summer we’ll have Zach’s Senior pictures taken by him. (www.windsongexperience.com)

Because he popped in my head so unexpectedly, I decided I would stop and see him at his studio yesterday afternoon. And I’m glad I did.

The last time I saw John, a year and a half ago, I remember the look on his face when he saw me. He voiced his concern for me, as he said I looked sad, tired, and not “the Julie he knew.” I thought I was fine… trudging along in life, attempting to keep my head above water by trying to keep all my various responsibilities in balance… mission work, family, my business, our home, etc. (I guess I wasn’t doing such a good job, was I?) I hid the fact that I was a little “put off” by what he said. But his words made me think, as he has always been one to see right through me (and be honest with me, too).

Looking back now at that time, I see I was “burning the candle at both ends,” as Mom used to warn me against doing. I was stretching myself too thin… and it showed.

When I walked into John’s studio yesterday, his eyes lit up, as I’m sure mine did as well when I saw him. The words that only John could say brought a smile to my face. “Dang (he really said the other “D” word), girl. You look great!” I shared the shortened version of my story of the last couple of months, and filled him in on my life now and my plans for my future. He said numerous times how happy, rested and peaceful I looked. If anyone could tell that I’ve had a change in my life, it would be John. Please know, I’m not attempting to boast about myself here, because from my perspective, I look the same as I always have. But it was evident to John a change happened in my life.

He talked about how his business is booming, and how after decades of photographing, he still enjoys what he does. John is truly one of the most positive, uplifting, live-in-the-moment people I know. I appreciate his wisdom, his outlook on life, and his sense of humor.

So, what’s the point of this post? There may not be one. I just want this to be a reminder for myself…

  • God knew what He was doing when He moved me out of my former work and into where I’m at now. 
  • We can’t hide our true selves from those who know us well, and we certainly can’t hide from God. Why do we try to do so?
  • Life is too short to live sad, tired, and too busy.
  • May I never be too busy doing God’s work to hear from Him.
  • Tell people in my life, like John, just how special they are to me.
  • Listen to God’s still, small voice when someone or something pops into my head.
  • May I always live in the moment.
I’ll see John again in a little over a month, as I made an appointment for an updated photo session. I anticipate learning more from him will be an even greater blessing than the photo session. 🙂
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