A Few of My Favorite Things – Dansko Shoes

by | Feb 11, 2012 | My Favorites

Every now and then I share something I consider a “favorite.”  These things remind me of Julie Andrews’ song, “A Few of My Favorite Things.”  I was thinking the other day that I have a few brands I’m very loyal to.  I also thought it might be nice to share them on my blog!

The first one I’ll share which is on my mind tonight is Dansko.  I love Dansko shoes!

I began having foot problems almost three years ago.  After visiting a foot doctor, it was determined I have a neuroma and tendonitis in my left foot.  Years of wearing high heels are to blame for these issues.  (I should have listened to my mom!)

My doctor recommended I try Dansko shoes.  I found some flip-flops from Dansko, and even though I payed a pretty penny for them, I fell in love with them!  Flip-flops are one of the worst things we can wear on our feet, but these were different.  My doctor approved them!  They give much more support, and they take the pressure off the ball of your foot.  I have purchased a couple other pairs since…but I have to space these purchases out.  They are pretty expensive…but worth it.

I finally can be pain free in shoes again with my Dansko shoes! 🙂

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