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A few weeks ago, Katie invited me to participate in a thing called a #BlogHop. I had never heard of one, let alone ever participated in one. But it intrigued me to the point that I couldn’t say no. Despite the fact that my turn on the “hop” would be the week after returning from RAGBRAI.

gravel road edited 3Below I answer four questions about my writing. Keep reading, because I introduce three of my favorite bloggers below my answers. You’ll want to connect with these wonderful, gifted women and writers! Next week they’ll answer the same questions on their own blog. (Ellen will be answering the questions on her blog mid-August. She’s currently in the middle of a series on her blog.)

A big shout out goes to Katie for inviting me to join the fun! She’s a beautiful and talented woman, wife, mother, writer. I consider it an honor to journey together through our blogs in this life. I can’t wait to read her first book she’s currently writing!

DSCN9019 (2) editedWhat am I writing or working on?
I host two blogs. Loving God, Loving Others where I share about my love for Jesus, for my family, and I write about my real life. Live Laugh Linger is where I encourage others to live life to the fullest. My intention is to write daily, and post just as frequently. Some weeks I do that well, and some I do not. My long-term goal is to write a book, and currently I have three ideas that I’m taking to God in prayer, and am working on behind the scenes. Writing brings me great joy!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I attempt to live a real and transparent life, and I write about the adventure of it. The good, the not-so-good, and even the tough stuff. I firmly believe in following Jesus’ example of loving others unconditionally. When someone experiences the love of Jesus through real, tangible ways, they can’t help but be drawn to Him. So because of that, my writing may reflect a different slant than some Christian writers, but nonetheless, it’s centered on sharing and showing the love of Jesus, even if it’s through what’s going on in my life and in my family’s life. Growing up in a small town, and still living in the same rural area, gives me an appreciation for and a passion to write about the simple things in life.

Why do I write what I do?
After the passing of my mother in 2006, I wished I would have had more details of her thoughts, her struggles, her victories, her every day life. Out of that desire, I began writing my Loving God, Loving Others blog for my children. Some day they would have a tangible account of my life, if they ever desired one. Over the years, however, it has evolved into much more. With the prompting of God and others, I began to take writing more seriously. I write as an outlet, to process and work things out from within. I write about the things God is teaching me, and what I feel would encourage others in their every day lives.

How does my writing process work?
It’s pretty simple. I pray about what God wants me to write. Oftentimes He prompts me through photos I’ve taken, or every day things I see. I find lessons and “messages” in most things in life, and I write often about them. I write through my laptop, and rarely with a pen and paper unless my laptop isn’t with me. I write in my free moments… early in the morning, late at night, my days off, whenever I can. I love brainstorming ideas and letting my creative side loose every now and then. I have a blog schedule that I stick to as much as possible.

DSCN8996 (2) editedNow let the fun begin! Allow me to introduce you to three beautifully talented women–and writers–on this #BlogHop. Take a moment to get to know them here, then be sure to visit their blogs and share some love! A little encouragement goes a long way. They’ll answer these questions on their blogs next week (Ellen will mid-August). Enjoy!

kaseyKasey is married to her childhood sweetheart and has three big-hearted, active children. She resides in Georgia, but had the privilege of living in Jacksonville, FL and Boston, MA before her husband retired from playing in the NFL for eleven years. She is a student at heart and loves to learn. Kasey teaches 1st-3rd grade students at her church, and she is also actively involved in their women’s bible study. She lives passionately, whether she is teaching others who they are in Christ or playing with her sons on the basketball court. Kasey can’t keep quiet when it comes to sharing God’s love. Writing is her way of saying thank you to God for the healing and freedom she lives in today.

I met Kasey through COMPEL, and immediately fell in love with her heart and her writing. I appreciate her stories of her life! Be sure to check out her blog and be inspired!


Doris is a writer, speaker, teacher, and Women’s Ministry Director at Edgewater Alliance Church in Edgewater, Florida. She’s a devoted follower of Jesus, and passionate about discipling women of all generations, encouraging them to walk deeper in faith, and supporting them in developing their gifts for ministry. A wife, mom, and soccer Gammy, she stays joyfully busy. She loves to read, travel with her hubby of almost 30 years, and hang out in the tree house with her grandkids. You can check out what God has placed on her heart through her blog Walking Deeper at www.dorisswift.com.

I met Doris through COMPEL as well. Doris is an encourager. She has a gift of lifting others up through her written words. You’ll be encouraged visiting her blog!


Ellen is an ordinary wife and grandmother, who loves the Lord and His Word. She does ordinary things like work, grocery shop, and laundry. She is a reader, writer and nature lover. Ellen is passionate about scripture, and enjoys sharing the truth of God’s word. You can find her blogging at Ordinary…with a Splash of Flash! She shares how her ordinary life is made extraordinary – with splashes of flash from God! She lives in New Iberia, LA with her husband John (her personal blog photographer!) and their goofy cat Callie.

I met Ellen through–you guessed it–COMPEL! Ellen’s heart for Jesus, and for God’s Word is beautifully evident in her writing. Her photos are breathtaking, too. Be sure to stop on over to her blog and check them and her writing out!

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    • Julie

      You’re welcome, Ellen! Looking forward to your post!

  1. Kasey Hanson

    Hi Julie, Thank you for the glimpse into your writing life and letting us be a part of this post. I love how you said, “I attempt to live a real and transparent life, and I write about the adventure of it.” I try to do this to and it is such a blessing. I find that I am more plugged in and attentive to the details of the moment with my husband, kids, and wherever else God has me. You do a great job of leading us to Christ in a fun and engaging way. Thank you for beign obedient to writing. You are a blessing.

    • Julie

      Thank you, Kasey! You are a blessing to me too, and I am enjoying getting to know you better! I look forward to reading your post soon. It’s such a gift to be able to learn and grow with great women like yourself. Blessings to you today!


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