20 Years Ago Yesterday

by | Apr 22, 2011 | Bill, love

Yesterday was a special day in Bill’s and my life together.¬† On April 20, 1991 we began our journey through life together. ūüôā¬†

I had met¬†Bill six months earlier at a Halloween party at the local “bar.”¬† My brother, Marty introduced us.¬† I didn’t much care for him then, as he had a squirt gun that looked like a machine gun and quirted water in my face from a very short distance away.¬† I, then, threw the water I was drinking in his face.¬† What a nice way to meet, huh?¬†

But something happened in my heart six months later when I saw him in that same bar.¬† Tina and I went there after her brother and sister-in-law, Jeff & Jenny’s, wedding and reception.¬† She was a bridesmaid, and I sang in their wedding.¬† When I saw Bill, my heart did somersaults and my stomach was filled with butterflies.¬† And from what I understand, he was feeling those same things about me.

We ended up connecting with each other over the phone (I called him first, by the way) a couple of weeks later…and the rest is history.¬† Our first date was May 11, and Bill proposed to me on July 28.¬† (Just three months and eight days after my stomach butterfly-filled¬†night of April 20!¬† Can you believe it??!!)¬† We married the following year…August 8, 1992.

It sure was a special day in the history of our lives!¬† Last night we celebrated at home with Ali and Zach with a take and bake pizza, ice cream, and our favorite beverages.¬† (I have to say though, that Tina reminded me of¬†our special day¬†during BSF yesterday morning when she leaned over to me before our lecture and whispered, “Happy Anniversary!”¬† Only my best friend would remember such a special day in my life!)

Bill, wow…twenty years together…can you believe it?¬† I love you even more today than I did when I married you.¬† It’s something¬†that I still get butterflies…when I see you coming around the corner towards me in the grocery store aisle.¬† Or when I hear the door opening when you come home.¬† Thank you for loving me like you do!¬† ūüôā

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