That season in life was a blur.

Our children were young and their schedules were full. I felt like a full-time taxi driver most days.

My ill mother had just moved in with us. She was too weak to care for herself, and it just made sense to bring her into our home until her strength returned. Having Mom living with us brought us great joy.

I also worked an at home business at the time that, thankfully, could be flexible.

After weeks of caring for my family, my mother, and my business, and sleeping each night with one eye open, I found myself empty. And, we all know what happens then.

When we’re empty we having nothing left to give.

I had even depleted my reserves. I became run-down and was no good for anyone. That was a trying season, and I learned the hard way how daily rest is imperative for our well being. Yes, I needed more sleep. But, I also looked for other ways to find rest.

I stopped hurrying.

I chose to take time for me.

And, a big one… I also let others care for me.

We often think rest means sleep, and sometimes it does.

But, rest can also mean:

refreshing ease after activity; relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs.

There are numerous ways to rest! Let’s look at some more.

15 Simple Ways To Rest (That Don’t Involve Sleep)

1  –  Breathe. Deliberately take 5 deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

2  –  Get a massage. Your body will thank you!

3  –  Take a long bath. Enjoy the solitude.

4  –  Exercise you body. Exercise actually helps us rest!

5  –  Curl up with a good book and a blanket.

6  –  Disconnect. Turn off your phone or your device, and turn off the t.v.

7  –  Enjoy the silence. Shut out the world and draw near to God.

8  –  Take a day off or shake up your schedule.

9  –  Find a hobby. Do something that you enjoy.

10 – Do an activity that “clears” your mind. Walking or biking outdoors, camping, cleaning. Whatever works for you.

11 – Don’t look at the clock. Just be, without being controlled by time.

12 – Spend the afternoon with someone you love.

13 – Journal. Writing thoughts down refreshes us.

14 – Take a coffee/lunch break. Especially if you’re used to working through lunch and break time.

15 – Find a friend to take the kids for the afternoon, then do something just for you.


Friend, what suggestions do you have to this list? How do you find ways to rest? I’d love to read them below. Yours might just be the one that helps someone else today.

Let’s enjoy life a little a lot. And, rest a long the way.

Thanks for journeying with me!





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