“Is what I’m doing worth it? Am I making any sort of difference in this world?”

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has recently whispered such questions. Even if they were for God’s ears only.

I believe the majority of us desire to make the world we live in better. We’re wired to make a difference, and to impact for good the lives of those around us. We want to do our best, to believe the best, and to help others be their best. We give, we bless, we encourage. We continue to love, to show kindness, to be humble. And when we mess up–and we all do–we apologize, we make amends, we ask for forgiveness.

But sometimes, even as we live according to the ways we believe are right, we don’t see results we may expect to see. It can appear our efforts are not making a difference. We can begin to whisper questions…

I continue to show love to my co-worker, but she continues to respond unkindly. Is showing love worth it?

I pray for my wayward child daily, and I see no change. Is praying like this worth it?

I have worked so hard for my dream to come true, yet I see nothing happening. Is all this work worth it?

Marriage is harder than I thought it was going to be. Is staying in it worth it?

My efforts are going unnoticed. Is what I’m doing worth it?

Your whispered is-it-worth-it questions might be entirely different. Nonetheless, it’s in the questions where we hope and pray to find the answer we long to hear.

Yes, it’s worth it.

I confess. I sometimes just want instant results. I want to put the effort forth, then immediately see the rewards of my effort. Oh, if it was that simple! But, I guess, that’s when faith kicks in. If I had instant results, why would I need faith?

Friend, are you whispering an is-it-worth-it question? Are you wondering if you should keep doing what you’re doing… praying, loving, working, staying, putting forth the effort? Are you about ready to throw in the towel? Wave the white flag of surrender? Yell “I QUIT!” from the rooftops?

I understand. More than you know, I understand.

Before you do, however, may I make a suggestion? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 40+ years of life, it’s this:

Is it worth it?? Keep doing what you're doing until God tells you to do something else.

Keep doing what you’re doing until God tells you to do something else.

Continue to love, pray, work, stay, put the effort forth, etc. until He tells you to stop. Your love matters. Your prayers matter. Your work matters. Your presence matters. Your efforts matter. Everything you do matters. Even if no one else sees your faithfulness in these (and more) areas, God does. Oh, He does, my friend. This alone gives us hope, even when we don’t see results.

But, there’s more. Get ready… God will reward us in due time. In His perfect timing. One day, we will see the benefits of what you and I do today.

Be encouraged:

So let us not become tired of doing good; for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest. Galatians 6:9 GNT

Friend, it is worth it.

May you and I continue to keep doing what we’re doing until God tells us to do something else. May we spur one another on to keep doing what’s good and right and beneficial for others. May we love God and love others with all that God has placed in us.

May we live each day, knowing it’s worth it.

Much love,





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