It was a full day.

Errands, shopping, enjoying lunch with “the girls.”

I was finishing my last stop of the day as the sun was setting. I was ready to get home.

As I wheeled the shopping cart filled with groceries and such toward my car, my eye caught something underneath the cart on the bottom rack.

Ugh. Oh no.

The case of bottled water I set there.

The case of bottled water I forgot about.

The case of bottled water I didn’t pay for.

All I wanted to do was get home. The last thing I felt like doing was walking back into Target with the cart and the case of water.

I unloaded the filled bags into my car, locked it again, turned my cart around, and pushed it back into the store with the case of water underneath.

Arriving at the customer service counter, the young man there asked, “How may I help you, ma’am?”

“This is going to sound strange, but I realized when I got to my car I had forgotten about this case of water and didn’t pay for it when I went through the check out line,” I replied as I lifted the water onto the counter.

He responded with, “Doing your good deed for the day, huh?”

“It’s just the right thing to do,” was my answer.

Never wrong to do the right thing. edited


It is never wrong to do the right thing.

I paid my $3.49 for the water, and carried the case back out to my car.

And I thanked God for the lesson.

God has taught me time and time again, what we do, and how we live, matters. When we are faced with the decision of doing what’s right or doing what’s easy, I’ve learned it’s always best to do what’s right. No matter what. 

No one would have known that I didn’t pay for that water. No one… except God and me. I can’t hide anything from Him. He’s the One who knows every thought, hears every word, and sees every deed. My desire is to glorify Him in my life. Why would I let a case of water mess all of that up?? No thank you.

Sure, at the time it would have been “easier” to not walk back in the store and pay for the water. But can you imagine how I’d be feeling tonight?? My conscience would be heavy with guilt, regret, and remorse. It wouldn’t have been a peaceful night.

Doing the right thing

I can lay my head on my pillow tonight, knowing I did the right thing. And sleep in peace.

The last thing I want to do is come across as “tooting my own horn.” That’s not my intention here. My desire is to encourage each of us to do what’s right. Even if “no one will ever know.” Even if it’s not the “easiest.” Even when you’re tired and you just want to get home. Even if it’s only a case of bottled water worth $3.49.

Doing the right thing matters, and God is glorified when we do so.




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