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What Happened To The Golden Rule? 4

The Golden Rule. Has it gone out of style? Is it a no-longer-relevant, old-fashioned mantra? Has it become something in the memory books from a by-gone era? Really, what happened to the Golden Rule? (Do we even know what it is anymore?) This is what our Scriptures come to teach: in everything, in every circumstance, […]

What Do You Do If The Whisper Tells You To Quit? 6

It was a subtle whisper, and it left as quickly as it came. “You might as well quit. You’re not making a difference for Jesus. You’re not making a difference at all.” And, for a moment, I believed it. A fleeting thought followed, “Yeah, maybe I should quit.” Ever been there? Ever had similar whispers […]

Don’t Let The World Decide What Is Beautiful 10

The world around us proclaims what’s beautiful. We are inundated with images of air-brushed bodies and smiles flashing perfect teeth. We observe Hollywood showcasing stars wearing the latest trends, driving the coolest cars, living in the most stunning houses. The world tells us beauty is a certain size, a certain hair color, and a certain face […]

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do? 6

A friend’s world is turned upside down as she tries to wrap her mind around the reality of her husband leaving her. A co-worker is smack-dab in the middle of a hard battle with a nearly-uncontrollable addiction. Or, a neighbor across the street has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Is the world around […]

What Will We Do With These 98 Days? #98daysofsummer 6

Ahhh, summer. It’s my favorite. There’s just something about the season that rejuvenates me. Sure, there’s an aspect I enjoy about each season, but summer puts a lift in my step and it lightens my heart. Summer puts a lift in my step and it lightens my heart. #98daysofsummer Click To Tweet Yes, the calendar […]

When We’re Waiting For The Rain To Pass

This morning I’m waiting for the rain to pass. On my schedule today are errands. Lots of them. And, a few of them require me to be outside. But, it’s raining. Not a downpour, but a steady pace of droplets from the sky. It’s not my first choice to get soaked today. My first choice […]

When It’s Time To Forget What Others Think

I made the mistake of updating my Facebook profile over the weekend. It had been a few months since I did so. And as I did, reality on the screen stared back at me. Yes, I currently have four jobs. FOUR!! No, this didn’t surprise me, as I’m well aware of all four, but this was […]