Walking through the canned foods aisle, deciding on which olives to put in my cart, my ears caught some of the most negative words they had heard in a long while.

I couldn’t help but lift my eyes to see where they were coming from.

A woman, older than I, stood with her back to me, reading a food label. I couldn’t see her face, but by her words, I could tell she wasn’t happy.

Oh, the way she barked at her husband. His saddened eyes spoke volumes to me. I assumed he was used to these harsh words.

Words of discontent continued to spew from her lips. Nothing was right in the store, nor with the items on the shelves, nor with her husband.

Nothing was right in her world.

Sadness overcame my heart for her. “Oh, Lord. Bless this woman. Heal her hurting heart.”

As I’ve written numerous times, hurting people hurt people.

I couldn’t begin to guess this woman’s situation. Or the hurt she carried in her heart. I wasn’t going to judge, or condemn, or shake my head at her. I longed to say something… anything that might encourage her… to possibly uplift her spirits just a bit.

But instead I walked past and gave her the only thing I could.

I gave her my smile.

There have been days where someone’s smile, or a kind gesture, touched my heart. A friendly “hello” helped change my stinky attitude. An encouraging word lifted my eyes and my burdens.

Simple acts such as these may not appear to be important at the time, but we may never know the impact they make to the one on the receiving end.

Your simple act may be the lifeline someone in your life needs.Your simple act may be the lifeline someone in your life needs.

It was okay the woman didn’t smile back at me. My smile might not have done a thing for her. It’s possible she didn’t even notice it. I understood my smile wasn’t going to change her heart. Only Jesus can do that. But I believe any time we can brighten another’s day in any way we can, a heart can begin to soften. Including our own.

Friend, who in your life could use a simple act of kindness today?

Who at work could benefit from your smile?

Who on the freeway might be touched by your gesture of letting him or her in your lane?

Who might need your kind words spoken to him/her?

And, what simple act of kindness would remind your spouse or child how much you love him or her?

My prayer is for you and I to get in the habit of making simple acts such as these a part of our daily lives. Not for our glory, but for God’s.

That woman is still on my heart. I’ll continue to pray for her and her husband.

I’d love to hear from you…

What simple act of kindness can you show today? What have you done recently that impacted another for God’s glory?

God bless you, friend. Thank you for stopping in!

Much love,


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