Zach’s Report Card

by | Jun 12, 2009 | This Lefe Family

As I was opening our mail yesterday, I saw an envelope from Zach’s school addressed “To The Parents of: Zachary Lefebure.” I figured out what it was before I opened it…it was Zach’s report card…and I was right.

I knew Zach had been working hard and studying diligently all year. He never puts off doing his homework, and he makes good choices about using his time wisely. So, I figured his report card would be reflect some of that. I opened the envelope and was very pleased!

I am so proud of Zach, and I’m taking a moment today to brag on him…Zach got all A’s on his report card for this trimester! A cumulative 4.0 grade point average! Way to go, buddy! We celebrated for a few minutes after reading it, and I wish you could have seen his face! He knew his hard work paid off! He even got an A+ in one of his classes! 🙂

The thing that impacted me the most were the comments some of his teachers made about him…”Enjoyable to work with.” “I have enjoyed being your math teacher this year.” “It was a pleasure to have Zach in Spanish class.” “Thank you for being a positive role model and hard worker.” “Zach did a good job in (band) lessons this trimester and was a pleasure to work with!”

I know that an all A report card doesn’t make a person who he/she is, and I know there are some kids that really struggle in school. The comments from his teachers really show me that not only does he academically do well in school, he’s also a leader, a kind and positive person, and is a good example for others to follow. (I pray that for Ali and Zach every day.) I am just very proud of Zach, and this is a great example to him that hard work and dedication in something can really pay off! I hope he continues to use the gifts God has given him and continue to use his great work ethic for his benefit, and for the benefit of others the rest of his life!

On to 7th grade…GREAT JOB ZACH!!
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